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Why Choose Us

For your computer application project

Well if you search the internet, there are lot many people who is providing the same services, that's why we have clarified the points below , why to choose us over others

Hour base development

We work on the hour basis, and our rate is only $5 per hour, you only have to pay for the hours which have worked

No charges for bug

If we have create some feature in your website, and bug is coming out then that bug will be fixed for free.

No Maintaince Charge

Yes it's true we doesn't charge anything for maintaince, we only send you the bill when we work on your project

Signed NDA

We always signed NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) for all our projects, so that you must be relaxed that your confidential data won't shared with anyone.

Project Safety Assurance

Our company is registered under Minister of Corporate Affairs with CIN:U72501BR2021PTC050333, so definetly we never flew away with your project, on the side we always use version control(git, bitbucket) for the project backup

Computer Application development checklist

6 stages of successful computer application development

Stage 1

Information Gathering

The stage of discovering and researching determines how the subsequent actions will look like. It is applicable to any development process, also including web application development, software development, and other types of development.The most important task at this point is to get a clear understanding of your future website purposes, the main goals you wish to get, and the target audience you want to attract to your site

  • Define Your Purpose and Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Choose a Domain Name and Hosting
  • Choose the framework to build application
  • Design and User Interface
  • Security

Some Quick Reply To Your Questions

Below we have added some questions which comes inside the mind before starting any computer application project, as they are also mostly asked question by client, for the self help we have added the answer to those questions

  • Which language you use for computer application development?

    To create the computer application we use electron, reason behind electron js to build computer application, is that application built with electron is native application and can be used on mac, linux and windows system

  • Which stack do you use for the development of entire web application?

    We use LAMP stack, I know people's are crazy towards mern stack, but we don't really suggest to create application with mern, because mern is way to costier, Major reason behind choosing LAMP stack is that it is totally open sources, large communtiy support, already 1000 of large application has been built using LAMP(LINUX, APACHE, MYSQL, PHP).

  • On what basis my project price been calculated?

    Project price is calculated on the basis of the feature provided by you, we create the project budget @$5/per hour only. once the project is being started will send you the daily basis from our time tracker system, on the other side you also have the access of codehunger portal, from where you can check all the work details.