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At Codehunger, we boast a rich history of over a decade, specializing in crafting enterprise-grade PHP web platforms. Our mastery spans diverse PHP frameworks, offering a comprehensive solution for all your PHP development needs. When you choose to hire PHP developers from Codehunger, you unlock a gateway to tailored web solutions that prioritize user needs and make a bold impact.

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Why To Select CodeHunger

Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers from Codehunger

Fueling Business Growth Through Laravel Developers.

Proven PHP Development Expertise

A decade-long proficiency in PHP development, including core PHP and various frameworks.

High-Quality PHP Team

A team of 70+ in-house PHP developers with extensive experience and expertise.
Ability to work on existing systems, fix code issues, and complete pending work.

Quick Prototyping for Startups

Swift development of Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) for startups with minimal investment.
Efficient development lifecycle and scalability with PHP technology.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

Leverage Laravel's scalability through our developers to create applications that seamlessly accommodate future growth and evolving user demands. Our Laravel experts ensure that your application can adapt swiftly to changing business requirements, minimizing future maintenance challenges and costs.

Full-Spectrum PHP Development Services

Dedicated Project Manager, acting as SCRUM master, overseeing the entire development process.
Strong focus on Design-Driven Engineering (DDE) for high-quality design, development, and performance.

Design & Development

Our PHP Development Expertise

Our PHP developers ensure a lightning-fast, futuristic, and user-friendly web application, enhancing your conversion rates.

  • Custom PHP Web Application Development
  • Custom Logistic Solution Development
  • Custom Website Development
  • Enterprise Web Portal Development
  • Custom PHP eCommerce
  • CMS Development Solutions
  • API Integration & Development
  • Website Maintenance & Support
  • Modernization & Migration
  • Open Source Web Customization
  • Code Audit of PHP Framework
  • Data Scraping and Crawling scripts in Custom PHP
Questions Asked By Most Customer

Frequently Asked Questions


Some Quick Reply To Your Questions

Get a dedicated Laravel team that breathes life into your web applications idea with passion and innovation. When you laravel developers from CODEHUNGER, they ensure your app shines in the competitive market, allowing you to witness the difference.

  • What services do your PHP developers offer?

    Our PHP developers provide a range of services, including custom web application development, logistics solutions, website development, enterprise web portal development, eCommerce solutions, CMS development, API integration, maintenance, support, modernization, migration, and more.

  • What is the expertise of your PHP development team?

    We have over a decade of experience in PHP development, covering both core PHP and various MVC-based frameworks. Our in-house team consists of 70+ PHP developers with diverse project experiences, ensuring proficiency in fixing code issues, completing pending work, and developing web platforms from scratch.

  • Can your PHP developers work on existing systems or just new projects?

    Our PHP developers excel in both scenarios. Whether it's fixing existing code, completing pending work, or developing a web platform from scratch, our team has the expertise to handle diverse projects, ensuring high-quality outcomes.

  • How quickly can your PHP developers create Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) for startups?

    We understand the importance of swift development for startups. Our PHP developers specialize in quick prototyping, enabling the creation of Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) in a short timeframe. This approach allows startups to validate their ideas with minimal investment.

  • What is the advantage of hiring PHP developers for quick prototyping?

    PHP's faster development life cycle makes it an excellent choice for quick prototyping. This, coupled with its scalability, enables startups to swiftly develop MVPs, validate ideas, and make informed decisions about their projects.

  • How do you ensure the quality of PHP development projects?

    Quality is our top priority. Our PHP developers follow rigorous quality assurance processes throughout the development cycle. This includes user acceptance testing, code reviews, unit testing, and other measures to ensure the final product is free of bugs and meets the highest standards of quality, reliability, and maintainability.

  • Can I hire PHP developers for ongoing maintenance and support?

    Absolutely. Our PHP developers offer ongoing maintenance and support services. Whether it's bug fixes, feature additions, or the next round of development, we are committed to providing ongoing support to ensure the long-term success of your PHP projects.

  • How is communication handled when hiring PHP developers?

    We believe in proactive communication. Our distinctive "hire dedicated PHP developers" model ensures direct and seamless communication with our proficient team throughout the development journey. This fosters collaboration, enabling us to craft web applications that align with your vision.

  • What is the transparency level in your PHP development process?

    Transparency is ingrained in our Agile approach. Regular progress reports are provided, allowing you to monitor the dedicated staff and track the advancement of your project. This level of engagement ensures that your project stays on course, fostering a transparent and collaborative development process.

  • How can I get started with hiring PHP developers from Codehunger?

    Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to us, and we'll be pleased to discuss your PHP development requirements. Whether you need a PHP developer for a specific project or want to assemble a customized PHP development team, we have the expertise to meet your business needs.